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about ann

Vermont family genealogist Ann D. Watson became a professional genealogist after researching her own family for thirty years. She holds a Certificate of Study from the Genealogical Research Program at Boston University and recently completed the ProGen study group, a collaborative program which helps deepen professional and research skills. As a professional genealogist she combines a love of research and history, her prior 30 years of experience helping and teaching library patrons to find and analyze information and great books to read, and her enjoyment of writing and visual art. 

Ann comes from a large family of artists and writers. Her ancestors were doctors, mill workers, farmers, mothers, business men, and educators from England, Scotland, France, Germany, Belgium, and Holland. At age 21, a family reunion brought her together with her elderly cousin Jean. Jean gave her one whole branch of the family tree going back to Thomas Beveridge and Helen Hastie, who came over from Scotland. The information Jean gave her that warm summer day was the beginning of her odyssey into her own family history.


This report was great! For a subcontracting project, you definitely provided what I needed: a clear list of what was searched and what was not, and why; citations for what you found; and any known research issues. — Bryna S., Connecticut

I am most definitely pleased ... The process of working with you throughout has been a valuable learning experience for me. — Julie P., New Jersey

We hired Ann to research town records for a DAR application. She was thorough, thoughtful, and detailed in her research, and offered suggestions on how to proceed. We appreciated her timeliness in completing the job. Well done and thank you, Ann! — Jacqueline R., Washington state

The interactions were very professional ... The report is very thorough and I like the footnoted style... Nothing but positive feedback! — Mike W., California

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"Thanks Ann for your thorough and professional report ... I appreciate the documents you have provided." — Ted S., Missouri

"I really appreciate what you have done for me." — Larry M., Arizona

"I want to thank you for a job well done! Your bibliography was amazing ... Thank you for a professional job done in a timely manner." —Nancy S., Maine

"I'm very satisfied with the quality of your work and would like to continue with this later if I run into a DNA brick wall ...I do truly appreciate the great work you've done." — John R., South Korea

"The scholarship and attention to detail in [the report] is of the first order." — [name withheld for privacy], Massachusetts