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family history


Have you ever looked at an underexposed photograph? It's too dark to make out details. Only the brightest parts of the picture are visible.

Do you feel like you're looking "through a glass darkly" when you're trying to learn about your ancestors? Is part of the picture indistinct?


To create a picture of our family's history, we need to bring that history into the light. Sometimes we need more information, and sometimes we need to look at what we already have in a different way. In genealogical research we work to bring the murky past into the light so that we have a sharper picture of our family history.

Analysis and correlation of all the information you've gathered so far, combined with more research, can really help bring your family story to light.

vermont genealogy


Do you have questions about a Vermont ancestor's life? Do you live too far away to retrieve Vermont genealogy records?

Not all records are online. There are still many documents, possibly holding information about your ancestors, that haven't been digitized and sit in local museums, libraries, town offices, and archives. Perusing these records can help identify ancestors and place them in a location and a point in time.


In Vermont, original birth, marriage, and death records, as well as land records, are still held in individual Town Clerk's offices. Court records reside in the Vermont State Archives. Bringing them out of the vault and into the light can bring your family's story to light as well.

If you are a professional genealogist I am happy to conduct your Vermont research project, or to retrieve Vermont records for you.

hand drawn maps

By mapping our ancestors' neighborhoods, activities, travels, and migration, we can walk in their footsteps and gain a deeper understanding of their challenges, successes, and paths through life.

A hand drawn, hand colored map of your ancestors' town or neighborhood at the time they lived there, or a map of their migrations, is a special image that helps to illuminate your family's history.


Using censuses, old maps, city and town directories, deeds, and other records, we conduct research to place your ancestors in a geographic location. We then create a personalized map that can show where your relative went to church, shops frequented, path he or she took to get to work, location of friends' and neighbors' homes, and more. Another type of map could illustrate a family's migratory path in a given time frame.

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